Synopsis TV series

Ali Candan, an undercover Turkish agent for the fictional intelligence service KGT (Kamu Güvenli?i Te?kilat?, or "Public Security Organization"), is ordered by his captain, Aslan Akbey, to infiltrate the Turkish mafia to learn their plans and to destroy their system, which is affecting Turkey deeply. Ali undergoes a series of plastic surgeries to change his appearance, finally assuming the identity of Polat Alemdar.

Ali is teamed up with Süleyman Cak?r, a brutal mafia gunman respected by his colleagues and known as a man of his word. Cak?r’s insider knowledge combined with Alemdar’s skills as a well-trained agent create an effective partnership, and the two begin to rise through the mafia's hierarchy.  Their aim is to enter the Council of Wolves, a council of top mob bosses, the inner circle that controls the underground organization, which is led by the Baron as well as the successful businessman Mehmet Karahanl?.  Ali loses many friends and allies during his ascent, and in the process, learns he is the lost son of Karahanl?, kidnapped by Aslan Akbey just he was three years old.

 Finally Alemdar becomes the new Baron, enabling him to destroy the council completely. After facing down international associates of the council including Russian and [[United States of American|American]] enemies ([[Sharon Stone]] and [[Andy Garc?a]] make cameo appearances in the last episodes), he manages to break the mafia apart. Polat learns that the successful businessman Mehmet Karahanli is his father. Mehmet Karahanli is a member of World Freemasons. Aslan Akbey is chief of "KGT". Memati is the loyal companion of Polat, after Cakir's death, Memati becomes really loyal to Polat. Abdulhey and Erhan arrive after Memati to aid Polat in the destruction of Turkish mafia. The used man by Gladio is Nizamettin Güvenç. He is a member of the freemason branche Gladio called "Ergenekkon" in Turkey. Nizamettin is not really the antagonist he is somehow used by the bosses of Gladio.

The main antangonist is ex-CIA agent Aron Feller, that makes first appearance in the next serie Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu. The TV show makes anti-Kurdish scenes currently and they show many respectable Kurdish leaders such as? as a terrorist. One contentment made by whom? is that fascist script writers stepped up in the new serial and they begun cooperate with the ultra nationalist groups such as? in Turkey.